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This is a nice game! Even though there aren't really any animations for the characters, it has some pretty good gameplay, and I also like the character sprites. Also, what did you use to make this game?

Hello and thank you!

This was coded from scratch in javascript, making use of HTML5's canvas 

You're welcome!

So, I was wondering, how long did this game take to make?

A few months of casual work. Say 60 hours roughly but I don't really remember.

Ok, thanks for telling me!

1) I'm stuck at the ogre guy, Idk how to break those rocks...
2) How did you make that game? :)

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Light his campfire up and he'll break the rocks for ya! (: (btw im stuck right after there, it gets hard :p)

This game is so awesome!

LoL, I glitched the game.

Lol, me too!

Tecnically is a Zelda of Turtles

how long did it take you to make this game?

I think between 2-3 months. I worked on it for at least an hour a day for the most part but I was working full time while making it.